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Bluemen 50 Mg

Active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Form Tablets
Prescription Required
Shipping 6 To 15 days
Strength 50mg


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What Is Bluemen 50?

Erectile dysfunction occurs in many older and more youthful guys inside the gift times. During erection problems, guys no longer get and maintain an erection. When men enjoy difficulty in getting a hard erection, they feel uncomfortable. Men are unable to make their partners sexually happy because of sexual disorders.

It is vital to get impotence treated with the aid of an experienced healthcare health practitioner. When you go to see a physician, your clinical professional assesses your sexual and bodily fitness. Your medical practitioner prescribes you Bluemen 50 which is designed to deal with erectile dysfunction.

It is an amazing impotence medication that incorporates Sildenafil. The vital aspect unwinds the blood vessels of the male intercourse organ. Moreover, it allows blood to flow into the intercourse organ. As a result, men get erections in the course of lovemaking periods. Taking this impotence medicinal drug nicely can help guys get over erection troubles.

Uses of Bluemen 50

Bluemen tablets are regarded to deal with erectile disorder. The mahagra 100mg medicine amplifies blood delivery and lightens up the blood vessels. In addition, this impotence remedy can maintain and achieve an erection that is wanted for penetration.

When you operate this effective impotence drug, it’s going to assist in increasing the penile blood vessels. As a result, guys get clean blood and go with the flow which makes the penis tough and the erection done.

How Does Bluemen 50 Tablets Work?

This powerful medication has Sildenafil as its high element which allows guys to make lengthy lovemaking classes. To gather pleasant effects, the drug has capability at once to increase blood vessels. The compound augments blood drift toward the penile region.

The impotence drugs are PDE5 inhibitors which stifle the movement of the PDE5 enzyme. Taking this impotence remedy will help guys experience extended sexual intimacy. Blood degrees boost inside the intercourse organ which in addition results in a stiff erection.

Dosage of Bluemen 50

There are various dosages of Bluemen to be had in diverse online pharmacies. Your scientific company will determine the correct dose after diagnosing your sexual fitness. Take the dose as required and do no longer try and adjust the dose.

Skipping the dose will not assist men in getting an erection. It is important to ingest the dose of the drug once an afternoon. Exceeding the dose can result in bad outcomes on fitness. The other smallest dose is Bluemen 25 mg And the highest dose is Bluemen one hundred.

What Are The Side Effects Of Bluemen 50?

Some common aspect results consist of drowsiness, problem speaking, confusion, and fittings. Other aspects consequences are vomiting, sudden hearing loss, nausea, fainting, and runny nostrils. Some ED sufferers also complain about experiencing lightheadedness and blurry vision.

What Bluemen 50 Tablets Precautions want to take?

General Instructions

Distance yourself from alcohol intake even as taking Bluemen 50. By doing so, it may cause excessive dizziness.
It is recommended no longer to function as a machine after taking this impotence medication. Patients might also revel in blurry imagination and prescient after taking this drug.
Do not consume high-fat foods after taking this effective drug.
Do no longer use nitrate hiforce cobra 120 mg medicine even as ingesting Bluemen 50. By doing so, it could lead to hypotension in guys.

General warnings

Bluemen is not endorsed for young adults and girls
ED patients who’ve kidney, heart, or liver illnesses must not use this medication
In case, the impotence drug does not fit you, stop using this remedy.
If you suffer from some other health disorders, file to your healthcare issuer.
ED sufferers are cautioned no longer to eat grapefruits while taking this useful medication.

When Not to Use?

Men who’ve no erection issues need to not devour this medicinal drug.

Females and young adults can not use this impotence drug.

Warnings for special population

Women who are pregnant or are planning to conceive are suggested not to consume this drug. Taking this drug throughout pregnancy can affect pregnancy.

Mothers who are breastfeeding their kids are counseled not to eat Bluemen. Consuming this drug can affect breastfeeding moms’ health.


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