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Cenforce 130 Mg

Manufacturer Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 130mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days


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About Cenforce 130 mg

Are you not capable of making your female sexually happy? Are you going through continual impotence problems for plenty of weeks? Numerous guys go through impotence issues after they reach 60 years of age. One of the commonplace sexual fitness troubles that many men suffer from is impotence for all trouble exceptional solution is Cenforce 130 mg.

The purpose of impotence is a loss of blood delivery in the penile area. When a person does get a stiff penis all through sexual intimacy, he suffers from impotence issues. A stiff penis occurs when there’s an adequate supply of blood inside the genital organ. Blood float restricts inside the penis because of some fitness problems.

If you suffer from pressure, cardiac problems, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, obesity, or excessive blood strain, you’ll be liable to erection troubles. Keep your fitness properly so you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction. If you leave your chronic sicknesses untreated, you increase the threat of being stricken by erectile disorder.

To remedy your impotence, your healthcare company prescribes Cenforce 130 mg pills. It is one of the maximum potent impotence drugs which treatment options impotence. This impotence drug is a prescription-primarily based medication. When you are taking this impotence drug, you expect healthy sexual features. This impotence medicinal drug facilitates filling the penis with proper blood flow.

When you operate Cenforce 130 mg, Sildenafil enhances flow and blood float all around the penile area. This powerful thing obstructs and forestalls the enzyme. As a result, this thing allows the widening of blood vessels and unwinds the penile muscles. The smooth penile muscle tissues assist the penis fill with blood. Men get a stiff and tougher erection whilst there may be sufficient blood drift inside the genital organ.

Uses Of Cenforce 130

When you take Cenforce 130 mg drugs, the impotence drug enables you to improve your sexual stamina. You get a short remedy for erection troubles with this impotence drug. This erectile dysfunction remedy additionally will increase your libido. You can perform higher in mattresses with this effective impotence remedy. The function of this erectile disorder medicinal drug is to offer okay erections. Sildenafil is a top agent of this impotence remedy which increases the blood supply everywhere in the penis.

Medicinal Benefits

The key advantage of this impotence medicine is to supply adequate erections in men. This impotence medicine includes the Sildenafil element which gives lengthy-lasting sexual performance.

Men can experience lovemaking for many hours. The durability of this drug lasts for six hours. The best way to overcome susceptible erections is to have this impotence drug. When you’ve got this erectile dysfunction remedy, you enjoy an easy intercourse existence. Indulge in an extraordinary intercourse life with this powerful impotence drug.

Directions For Use

Gulp down an entire tablet of this impotence drug with a full glass of water. You have to devour this impotence tablet for half an hour or at least an hour earlier than intimacy. Ingest this impotence pill on an empty belly for active effects.

You can have Cenforce 130 mg of impotence medicinal drug after having your food. Do not crush, break, or chunk a pill of this logo which reduces the effectiveness of the drugs. Have this erectile disorder drug at a hard and fast time and once an afternoon. You need to be careful at the same time as taking this impotence medicinal drug. Do not overdose on a tablet of this logo. Overdosing may result in critical fitness complications or aspect results. Do now not pass a dose of this impotence pill which may additionally delay the remedy.

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Cenforce 130 mg Side Effects

Some not unusual aspect effects you can encounter whilst taking Cenforce 130 impotence drug. Dizziness, mouth ulcers, body aches, asthma attacks, anxiety, mouth ulcers, sores, excessive blood strain, melancholy, and heart failure are a number of the facet effects. If you observe prolonged aspect outcomes, supply me a name from your physician.

Precautions And Warnings


If you are going via any severe fitness ailments, communicate to your clinical issuer. You have to inform your scientific issuer about your clinical history. Before you take this impotence drug, inform your doctor about the continuing medicines. Restrict the intake of alcohol when you have this impotence drug. Do not pressured after taking this impotence medicine. Do not function in heavy machines after ingesting this impotence medicinal drug.

Warnings and Instructions

If you are below 18 years of age, this impotence drug isn’t intended for you. Women need to by no means use this impotence medicine which is not designed for them. If you are allergic to Sildenafil, do not ingest this impotence drug. Follow the commands of your clinical provider even when taking this impotence medicinal drug. Take the impotence pill on time and once a day.

Drug Warnings

If you get allergies to Sildenafil, you ought to no longer ingest this impotence remedy. Do not have nitrate drugs with this impotence drug. If you’re taking excessive or low blood pressure medicine or other drug treatments, notify your medical provider. If you are taking any other erectile disorder medication, you must now not consume Cenforce 130 mg.

Drug Interactions

Drug-Drug Interactions

Do not intend nitrates at the same time as having this impotence medicinal drug.

Drug Food Interactions

Stop ingesting alcohol whilst taking this erectile dysfunction medicine. You may additionally get dizzy spells after consuming alcohol with this impotence drug. Ditch excessive-fats food when you take this impotence drug.

Drug Disease Interactions

If you have had critical fitness problems for plenty of months, you should file in your medical issuer. Do not take this impotence drug if you are taking medicines for liver, kidney, or heart disorders.

Safety Advice


It isn’t secure to pressure after eating this impotence medicine. Owing to alertness problems, you can meet with a coincidence.


Ditch alcohol use when you devour Cenforce 130 impotence medicine. You can get dizzy spells after having this impotence remedy with alcohol.


Pregnant ladies who plan to get pregnant should speak with their medical doctors earlier than taking this impotence pill.


It may not be secure for breastfeeding mothers to take this impotence drug. Consulting with a medical doctor might be the best choice.


If you have a liver disorder, do no longer consume this impotence drug. The remedy can harm your liver.


If you have a severe kidney disorder, prevent the use of this impotence drug. It can cause severe kidney ailments.


This impotence drug is not supposed for youngsters.

Habit Forming

As this impotence medicine is a habit-forming drug, you ought to take a distinctive dose.

Diet And Lifestyle Advice

Incorporate a healthful food plan in addition to wholesome lifestyle selections to hold impotence away. Indulge in a wholesome eating regimen and maintain a wholesome way of life.

Special Advice

Take it handiest when you have recurring ED times. Cenforce 130 isn’t for everlasting erectile trouble therapy.


You have to keep this effective impotence medication in a dark, cool, and dry vicinity. Keep this impotence remedy out of reach of your children and ladies. Store this erectile dysfunction medication at a positive room temperature, especially below 30 degrees Celsius. It is high-quality to preserve this impotence drug away from daylight exposure.


How long is a dose of Cenforce 130mg about to last?

It is about 6 hours that you can have possibly a hard erection.

What are the other substitute brands of Cenforce 130mg?

Substitute brands that you may try include Silditop, Fildena, Suhagra, Bluemen, and so on.

Does the FDA recommend any specific brand of Sildenafil?

Yes, the FDA recommends one brand in particular known as Viagra.

Will everyone have side effects on using Cenforce 130 mg?

No, not necessarily until you overdose or use contraindicating medicines.

What is the minimum age recommendation for using Sildenafil?

You have to be a minimum of 18 years old to be able to administer the pills.

Can women take it as well?

No woman is to ever administer a medicine of Cenforce 130 mg.

Does it cure ED permanently?

No, the potential drug actions of Cenforce 130 mg are only limited to about 6 hours.



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