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Mahagra 25 Mg

Active-Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Alpha Pharmaceuticals
Packaging 10 Tablets in a strip
Strength 25mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days


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What Is Mahagra 25 Mg?

Mahagra 25 Mg is a customary brand under Sildenafil own family of tablets to be able to get you to erectile hardness. Mahagra drugs are basically the simplest for those males who are experiencing hassle in attaining erectile hardness or sustainably tough erections for an extended time.

Mahagra 25 Mg is a medicine that can potentially boost the drift of blood through the blood vessels present inside the arteries so as to increase the general sensitivity inside the location. This action of the drugs is enough to provide a hard erection whilst stimulated.

Remember that Mahagra 25 Mg although a general emblem of medicines will require you to get in contact with the medical doctors first earlier than the use of it. Essentially you want to get a prescription from the doctor however that’s not all.

You furthermore may want to understand the right dosage and a few precautions and safety hints when taking the drugs.

In this product description, we have provided you with the smallest possible dose of Mahagra which is Mahagra 25 Mg, and all which you need to recognize about this tablet.

How To Uses of Mahagra 25 Mg?

So, first before beginning a prescription course of Mahagra 25 Mg, you want to recognize the exact use and cause of the medication. So, the most effective and feasible remedy for the usage of medicines is erectile hardness. Erectile disorder or impotence is what the doctors call it.

Using the medication is most effectively authorized but retaining your health and the possibilities of long-time period aspect consequences, you can need to apply this remedy best for a few months.

Another cause to use the medication ought to not be to cure the sickness. Rather the consequences of Sildenafil enhance your erection abilties only for some hours. We shall take a look at the time of action of those drugs in the later sections.

What Are The Benefits of Mahagra 25 Mg?

Nowadays, Mahagra 25 Mg is one of the quickest-promoting drug treatments among all conventional manufacturers of Sildenafil. Surely because of this patients have become some benefits from tablet use. And that is what we will see in this article.

The first advantage is that it is a low-fee remedy. Are you looking for a cheaper opportunity to use Viagra? In case this is actual then you can choose to use the Mahagra 25 Mg capsules that have the identical composition and time period of action.

The drugs are without problems lower priced within your finances and available throughout pan India.

Another right factor approximately the Mahagra 25 Mg is that even being the smallest dosage medicine beneath this logo, you may take it and get erectile hardness moves for up to 4 hours.

The Directions For Use Are As Follows:

Here are some of the guidelines you need to follow whilst administering the medicine-
Use water for consumption because the consumption technique of the Mahagra 25 Mg is the swallowing most effective.
Taking the cenforce-fm-100-mg medicine in with alcohol or being excessive on its miles significantly dangerous to your fitness as it may trigger aspect outcomes.
Take in the most effective pill of the emblem for as a lot as 24 hours. Once you have your medicinal drug take the following one at least the day after today.
The exceptional time for taking the drugs could be exactly an hour to move for sex. This ensures that you may get the maximum time of erectile hardness while you are in bed along with your accomplice.

Side Effects Of Mahagra 25 Mg

Here are some of the viable aspect outcomes of Mahagra 25 Mg-

Stomach cramps
Chest pain
Fluctuations in blood stress
Lower libido
Less listening to senses
Hazier vision
Remember that most usually the reason for getting such side effects is a miscalculation of your daily dose and taking the drug in extra. Different patients can enjoy slight to severe times of the above facet results.

Dosage Of Mahagra 25 Mg

The dosage of every tablet is a constituent of 25mg of Sildenafil standard. But you need not use this dose most effectively. Of path, you can choose different dosage editions of the Mahagra tablets as well. Here are a number of the opposite doses of the logo- 50mg, Mahagra 100 mg, Mahagra one hundred fifty mg, and Mahagra 2 hundred mg.


An overdose of the Mahagra 25 Mg can potentially suggest that you ought to cope with aspect consequences. This can happen because you are taking a better dose than what is suggested otherwise you’re administering a couple of tablets in line with the day.

Miss Dose

Generally do no longer leave out your doses and hold having them as in keeping with the prescription says.

A Guide To Safety

Here are some of the guides to safety –

AlcoholAlcohol is something that is at the crimson listing of things to take with Mahagra 25 Mg. Avoid the usage of it since it simplest triggers the action of facet effects.

PregnancyGenerally, the evidence of Sildenafil running is effective simplest inside men. Thus it is not for women intake.

BreastfeedingThe medicinal drug isn’t suitable for painting in any girl. Rather it is able to produce facet results.

DrivingGenerally riding is something you want to keep away from. Right after ED pills intake, you can sense a chunk dizzy, or headache for some days. Never force if having these facet consequences.

LiverA patient with acute liver trouble has already an intense fitness disease. In such situations, the affected person might not be recommended to use the Mahagra 25 Mg pills.

KidneyThe same is going with kidney sickness patients too in which the tablet isn’t suitable for your consumption below such health situations.

ChildrenWe don’t recommend the usage of this sexually enhancing medication sildamax-100mg to be administered to any children.

Interactions With Medicines

A few choose medicinal compositions or even some whole households of medication might not be endorsed with Mahagra 25 Mg. Such accepted compounds and medicinal manufacturers have a tendency to contraindicate with the moves of Sildenafil producing aspect outcomes inside the affected person.

You need to probably keep away from any alpha-blocker remedy, or medicines that incorporate any nitrate composition factors. Typically avoid those drugs that can be used for curing AIDS, liver, coronary heart, and kidney malfunctions.

Precautions And Warning

Give up on boozing alcohol in case you are to take the Mahagra 25 Mg day by day.
Don’t take the drugs if you have had it the same day already.
Any female is to live far away from the usage of the drugs.
Even for use in men, it is better acceptable to handiest those who have erectile hardness.
Contact your health practitioner if getting side effects.


Storage of the drug treatments will need an area with a regular temperature of much less than 30 stages Celsius and with only slight humidity.



What is the generic content of the Mahagra 25 Mg?

Sildenafil Citrate generic is the only component of the Mahagra 25mg pills.

How long does each pill of the brand have erection effects?

Each medicine of Mahagra 25 Mg can have effects for up to 4 hours. remember that this is only the smallest dose of the medicine. higher doses above 100mg can give up to 6 hours of action or even more.

Where to buy?

To buy the medicines you can check out its availability on any online website or else choose to buy it from your nearby medicine stores.


90 Tablets, 120 Tablets, 150 Tablets, 300 Tablets


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