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Silditop 50 Mg

Active-Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Healing Pharma
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 50mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days


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What Is Silditop 50mg?

Silditop 50mg is a medicinal drug that may cause a person to acquire an erection. The remedy which contains the substance popular Viagra Sildenafil is an erection hardness-generating medicine. With the powers of the accepted substance Sildenafil, a man can doubtlessly achieve a tough erection for lengthy hours regardless of having the sickness.

Medicines including Silditop 50mg are one of the quickest curing strategies to assist in clearing up erectile dysfunction. Wondering what to do with your signs and symptoms of erectile disorder?

Don’t buy the capsules simply as but as you can no longer understand whether or not it’s secure to apply the drugs. Instead, we are able to suggest you have a session with the doctors to discover the safe dose and other precautionary measures.

How To Use Silditop 50mg?

Silditop 50mg treatments for your erection issues. If you are dealing with issues in accomplishing an erection hardness it is time to apply the tablets. Silditop 50mg is a medicine that could doubtlessly carry up an erection through a few hormonal adjustments.

These encompass inhibiting the movements of the PDE-five hormones first after which permitting the movements of nitric oxide that is capable of the penis having large amounts of blood go with the flow.

This ensures that you can continually attain an erection till the results of Sildenafil maintain to keep directly to such hormonal changes.

To use the drug fildena professional 100 mg you will want to stick to what the doctors say. Use it simplest till the time medical doctors propose you to.

What Are The Benefits of Silditop 50mg?

Silditop may be a regularly occurring logo of medicine but make no mistake because it incorporates the identical familiar elements as the drug Viagra accredited with the aid of the FDA and is particularly popular inside the US.

This method the drug has an FDA-accredited substance in it that’s Sildenafil which must no longer hassle you even as taking the pills.

On the other hand, the drug fildena xxx 100 mg is likewise cost-effectively found in India. Comparing the expenses of different brands of ED Pills Silditop drug treatments truly come up to be on the pinnacle.

The Directions For Use Are As Follows:

Let us now test out some of the each-day movement pointers that you need to take whilst using the drugs-

You ought to take the drugs with water. Generally, contraindications may also take place with both alcohol and grape juice. So you need to avoid using both.
A maximum time of as soon as is what you want to use the drugs.
Generally, the administration of the tablets is achieved by using the process of swallowing which could be very common.
Each medicine of 50mg widespread Sildenafil Silditop might also stay lively for as a good deal as 4 to 5 hours.

Side Effects Of Silditop 50mg

What are the aspect consequences of using the medication Silditop 50mg? And when do they arise? Well, we’ve got given the listing of the most usually happening side results with any Sildenafil emblem beneath.

As to when they may occur nicely it relies upon. Some reason for having aspect results may be their allergic inclinations to Sildenafil but for others, it could be an extra intake too.

Here is the list of contra consequences-

Stomach cramps
Chest pain
Blurry vision
Reduction in listening to capabilities
With any of such side consequences occurring you need to immediately have a session with the medical doctors.

Dosage Of Silditop 50mg

A dosage of 1-time use is typically the way to avoid excess intake. Once taken the tablet any day the subsequent one is due to the opposite day at least.

What might also excite you is that Silditop’s dose variations are to be had in many different dose mixtures. This consists of other doses such as 25mg, 100mg, 150mg, and 200mg.


Overdose of the popular substance Sildenafil may be averted by using way. One is to continually make sure to take not more than one pill of the logo. The opposite way is to continually make certain of in no way to permit a higher dose.

For instance, if the doctors have endorsed using the Silditop 50mg drugs you have to by no means change it to mention Silditop a hundred mg or 150mg, or 200mg, Silditop Soft a hundred Mg for that matter.

Miss Dose

Did you miss any doses? The day you omit a dose you may not get any erection. It’s necessary to take the drugs right before sex and no longer manner too much beforehand.

A Guide To Safety

Let us test out some basic dos and don’ts of the usage of the drugs Silditop 50mg.

Alcohol You will usually have to bar the use of alcohol absolutely in case you want to soak up drug treatments of Silditop 50mg. Remember that alcoholism and a few side effects of the Silditop 50mg capsules are pretty similar and can integrate to end up rather severe.

Pregnancy The results of the drug treatments best arise inside men. So this remedy isn’t always recommended in females.

Breastfeeding Generally, no girl is allowed to apply the drug Silditop 50mg.

Driving You may additionally have a mild headache, and feel dizzy or nauseating for up to numerous days after starting the route of Silditop 50mg. During such instances, it’s miles by no means encouraged that you drive.

Liver Patients with liver health problems fall slightly under the excessive-risk category. Have your liver fitness disorder checked absolutely with the aid of the doctors to be at bay from side results.

Kidney Kidney sickness sufferers want to keep away from the usage of drug treatments of Silditop 50mg or every other sorts of comparable pills as they will cope with worsening fitness issues after that.

Children Generally, the administration of Silditop 50mg brings up sexual erection advantages. So it isn’t cautioned amongst children.
Interactions With Medicines
Sildenafil use might also restrict the usage of some other pill manufacturers or a few precise medicines with sure elements and compositions.

This especially consists of drug treatments that comprise any nitrate or its by-product compounds as composition. You also need to be wary of any drug treatments exhibiting alpha blocker conduct as they’re hazardous too.

Precautions And Warning

Generally, it is not safe to do positive responsibilities, and therefore the tips of precautions are given here for the patients to follow to avoid taking in alcohol as it could without problems interact with generic Sildenafil inflicting one or extra aspect consequences such as headache, dizziness, and nausea.
Get in contact with your health practitioner if any side results reoccur every time after taking the medicines.
Ensure not to take the drugs when taking contraindicating drugs.
Don’t use the medicine in case you are a female
Even for men the safe age group’s handiest lies between 18 to 64 years.


Storage of the medicines calls for a cooler environment one that doesn’t have temperatures exceeding more than 30 tiers Celsius and where the humidity conditions are low as well.


Where to buy the Silditop 50mg pills?

Silditop 50mg pills are largely available in India across all medicine wholesalers and distributors across states. Thus you can buy the medicines from any medicine shop or from an online pharmacy too.

What are the other dose variations available under the Silditop brand of pills?

Of course, Silditop 50mg is not the only dose under the Silditop brand. Other variations of dosages include 100mg, 25mg 150mg, and 200mg.

What are some other brands for curing ED with Sildenafil?

Sildenafil also has other generic Indian brand names. This includes medicines such as Cenforce, Fildena, Suhagra, etc.


200 Tablets, 90 Tablets, 120 Tablets, 150 Tablets


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