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Vigora 50 Mg

Active-Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer German Remedies
Packaging 4 Tablets
Strength 50mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days


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What Is Vigora 50 Mg?

Vigora 50 Mg is the kind of medication that assists you in getting robust and tough erections that turn out to be more sustainable and without difficulty achievable. It is with the assistance of this common Sildenafil medicinal drug that guys can now place an end to their issues of having penile impotence ailment.

This issue can cause excessive misery to your sexual lifestyle with a few cases going so extreme that the couple finally ends up in a divorce. But you do now not should be afflicted by the identical sort of miserable fate ever once more thanks to the usage of the Vigora 50 Mg pills.

These drugs provide the fastest possible way in order to gain a robust and hard erection. You can witness getting a strong erection with only a little stimulation to your penis.

How To Use Vigora 50 Mg?

The use of Vigora 50 Mg pills requires careful dosage recommendation from a healthcare provider first. See, if you want to use those drugs then it’s far better to get in contact with the doctors to discover an appropriate dosage recurring for having the tablets and additionally know About the tenure during which you may need to finish a sure amount of guides. Vigora 50 Mg tablet needs some precaution to adhere to which simplest ensures your health protection.

What Are The Benefits of Vigora 50 Mg?

Although with the generic detail of Sildenafil, you may probably find so many different manufacturers the Vigora 50 Mg capsules do offer you a few advantages.
Firstly, this small dose is exceptionally recommendable to males who are to begin with looking to take Sildenafil capsules to assist in remedying their impotence issues.
Secondly, with this small dose of consumption, it normally becomes a lot extra appropriate for your health and additionally prevents any shape of the most important side consequences.

The Directions For Use Are As Followed:

Now, when it’s time if you want to take the drugs just take out a single medicinal drug from the sachet and swallow it with water. This is the basic manner for administering the capsules. But, in case you take our advice then you higher stop taking alcohol for the whole length of the following 6 hours within which the tablets will offer erectile disorder moves to your body.

Usually, you’ll want to have an unmarried medicinal drug for everyday motive use. Anymore and you’re risking the aspect effects to are available in.

Side Effects Of Vigora 50 Mg

Stomach cramps
Dry mouth
These are some of the minor side results of the drugs.
And whilst talking about predominant facet effects although those are rare some of them may be even a clinical emergency.
These include
Chest pain
Fluctuations with your blood pressure
Vision blurring

Dosage Of  Vigora 50 Mg

Vigora 50 Mg is a small dose that includes an equivalent amount of Vigora 50 Mg of generic Sildenafil. Put directly typically that is the medication that can offer you a robust and tough erection for moderate editions of ED.


For men who have the usage of a couple of medications consistent with day or else reluctantly use the 50mg dose whereas they could want the smaller Vigora 25mg dose there’s an excessive danger that you may come to be tormented by side results.

Miss Dose

Avoid missing out on your dose considering the fact that you have got been diagnosed with ED and so one can get a strong and tough erection it’s miles obligatory to get generic Sildenafil effects in you.

Other Dose

Vigora 100  Mg
Vigora Oral Jelly 100 Mg

A Guide To Safety

Alcohol Alcohol taking reasons dangers of facet effects to irritate. Mostly in case you see some of the side results of Vigora 50 Mg drugs then they may be pretty just like alcohol mainly facet outcomes like headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Pregnancy The medicinal drug is mainly to be used in men for curing erectile troubles. As a result, it isn’t always safe for management in females.

Breastfeeding Avoid the use of drugs in any situation while you are a girl.

Driving isn’t always the high-quality thing to do after taking Vigora 50 Mg capsules because at the instance you could turn out to be having dizziness, and nausea for the duration of which use is disallowed.

Liver A excessive liver disease may be a health issue for which the doctors avoid recommending the use of the Vigora 50 Mg.

Kidney Similar to liver problems even a main kidney issue may want to position an end on your hopes of the use of the drugs.

Children None of those who are under the age of 18 are secure to use the capsules.

Interactions With Medicines

Usually, a few caverta 25 mg medicines might also engage with common Sildenafil. Firstly it’s far the other PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting drugs due to the fact that Sildenafil is likewise a member of the equal family of drugs.
It is not secure to apply drug treatments that incorporate compositions of nitrates in them when you consider that those could easily grow your blood stress severely.

Precautions And Warning

Avoid the usage of an excess of a couple of remedies for each day reason use. Avoid the usage of substances like alcohol and narcotic substances which make you addicted. As we referred to above, look out for those medicines that likely contraindicate with the movements of Sildenafil.


Storing the Vigora 50 Mg pills is excellent at regular room temperatures where it’s far too warm or humid.

Faqs :

What is the Vigora 50 tablet used for?

The Vigora 50 Mg pills have only one purpose for use and that is curing your ED issues.

How long does Vigora 50 mg last?

A small dose of 50mg generic Sildenafil can provide up to 4 hours for which you can get strong and hard erections.

Can Vigora 50 mg work after 20 minutes?

Yes, possibly. But generally, the medicine may take up to 30 minutes before you stimulate the penis to get a strong and hard erection.

Does Vigora 50 mg weaken sperm?

There are no such tall claims about the medicine just as yet.


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