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Itaspor 100 mg


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About Itaspor 100 mg

Itaspor 100 mg is a form of antifungal medication.

It treats fungal infections in numerous body parts inclusive of the lungs, nails, mouth, throat, and many others.

Itaspor 100 mg consists of Itraconazole as an active component, which belongs to the elegance of drugs referred to as azole antifungals.

It functions with the aid of inhibiting the boom of the fungus chargeable for the infections.

Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Produces the various strengths of Itaspor.

Uses of Itaspor 100 mg

Itaspor 100 mg is powerful towards yeast and fungus infections of the pores and skin, mouth, nails, ft, fingers, and so forth.

Itaspor is an antifungal Tazret Forte Cream 0.1% 15 gm  medicine containing the energetic thing Itraconazole.

It is an azole antifungal, which is a class of medicine.

It impacts the fungi’s cell wall, stopping them from forming and developing and finally killing them off.

Aside from fungal infections, you can use it to deal with flaky discolored regions at the chest and returned and conditions in AIDS patients.

How does Itaspor 100 work

Itaspor 100 mg is prescribed for adults to treat fungal or yeast infections in the pores and skin, vagina, and different body regions.

Itraconazole, an active thing of Itaspor, aids in the treatment, control, prevention, and improvement of diverse fungal ailments using inhibiting fungal improvement inside the frame.

It prevents the synthesis of ergosterol, an crucial element of the cellular membrane of the fungus.

It acts via putting off fungus and stopping their boom.

This procedure reduces the severity of the contamination’s signs and accelerates recovery.

How to take remedy

Take this remedy in line with the dosage and period prescribed with the aid of your physician
You ought to drink lots of water along side the drugs
Take it with meals to prevent belly misery or as prescribed with the aid of your health practitioner
Make positive you don’t chew on it or damage it
You have to take your ignored dose of Itaspor as soon as you take into account. However, in case you neglect a dose, do not take two doses without delay to make amends for it
Never exceed the endorsed dose. If you watched an Itaspor 100 overdose, seek medical assist straight away


There are strengths of Itaspor, which include:
Itaspor 200 mg

Side outcomes of Itaspor 100 mg

Most facet outcomes depart when your body becomes used to the medication and don’t want to be treated by using a remedy.

Common side consequences
Stomach dissatisfied
Rare facet results
Hearing loss
If those aspect effects persist or you are involved approximately them, speak together with your doctor.


Interactions between medicines can regulate their outcomes or boom the possibilities of aspect consequences.

If you’re on any of the following medicines, you have to inform your health practitioner:

Drug Interaction

Disease Interaction
Liver sickness
Cystic Fibrosis
Congestive Heart Failure

Food Interaction

Take an Itaspor with food because it facilitates the stomach soak up the medicine higher.

Itaspor may also have an interaction with grapefruit juice. As a result, keep away from drinking grapefruit juice with Itaspor due to the fact it may lessen its effectiveness.

Avoid consuming marijuana with Itaspor as it can growth the negative results of marijuana.


If you’re allergic to Itaspor or every other medicines, please inform your doctor
Itaspor is a pregnancy category C remedy which could harm the unborn toddler. You should ask the doctor before taking Itaspor if you are pregnant, seeking to get pregnant, or are a breastfeeding mom
Do not use Fentanyl with Itaspor considering that it could set off critical respiratory problems
Do now not take Itaspor if you have heart failure due to the fact it may produce excessive, perhaps deadly, facet consequences
If you examine dark urine, yellowing of your eyes or skin, belly ache, pale stools, lack of urge for food, fatigue, vomiting, or nausea, you have to at once stop the use of Itaspor and visit a medical doctor, as these might be signs and symptoms of liver failure
Inform your health practitioner when you have kidney, liver, heart, or lung problems before the use of Itaspor
Don’t take more than the recommended dosage
Take your remedy at a specific time each day
Itaspor should be taken via mouth with meals as cautioned through your doctor
Inform your practitioner if you are allergic to Itraconazole, any other azole antifungals like Ketoconazole), or some other medications earlier than the use of Itraconazole
Do not operate machinery, drive, or do some thing else that requires attentiveness until you are positive to perform it appropriately
If you operate on marijuana and alcohol, consult your medical doctor, as they are able to boost the chance of tremendous liver disorders For more visit at : usameds24
Inform your medical doctor or dentist approximately all of the drugs you consume before having surgical procedure


Place this medication in a fab, dry vicinity.

Keep it faraway from direct daylight.

Make certain it’s out of the reach of kids and pets.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Itraconazole 100 mg used for?

Itraconazole is a prescribed antifungal medicine approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for certain fungal infections, including Histoplasmosis, Esophageal candidiasis, and Oropharyngeal candidiasis.

How quickly does Itraconazole work?

After treatment, it takes between one and four weeks for Itraconazole to work best against the fungi that cause Ringworm. For the best results, it is necessary to complete the entire course of medicine.

How long does it take for Itraconazole to work on the skin?

After completing the course of Itraconazole, patches of skin may take a few weeks to recover fully. It could take several months for fingers and toenails to heal completely.


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