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Sildigra Professional 100 Mg

Active-Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Dharam Distributors
Packaging 10 Tablets in a strip
Strength 100 Mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days


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What Is Sildigra Professional 100 mg?

Most men have a hassle getting an erection once they grow older. Unfortunately, even young men bitch about now not getting the right erections. The cause for erection issues is an underlying fitness circumstance. When a man suffers from impotence, he can not interact in sexual intimacy. A man can’t make his partner happy sexually when he suffers from impotence to therapy ED Use Sildigra Professional 100 mg.

Apart from an underlying health condition, stress and melancholy additionally make a contribution to ED. Mental fitness issues are also the offender of impotence in men. All men must treat underlying health situations. It is proved that the underlying health situation is the foundation purpose of ED.

If you maintain noticing the impotence symptoms, get immediate treatment. A medical doctor will prescribe Sildigra Professional 100 mg. It is an amazing medicinal drug for treating erectile dysfunction. Men of every age can use the medication to return their erections. Get the ED medication most effective when you get approval from your healthcare provider.

Uses Of Sildigra Professional 100 mg

The main use of Sildigra Professional 100 is to present guys with alleviation from erection problems. Men who complain approximately having moderate to excessive erection troubles have to ingest this remedy. Sildenafil is the energetic constituent of the impotence remedy. Using this drug once an afternoon can help men triumph over erection issues effectively.

This ED drug inhibits cGMP which is a sort of PDE5 enzyme that unclogs penile blood vessels. The vital compound regulates the waft of blood for the duration of the sex organ. As a result, the penis will become difficult and erect. The number one use of this impotence medication is to give men a short recovery from impotence.

Using those ED capsules will not handiest help guys get an erection but also have nice sexual intimacy. The impotence pills help guys stay longer in bed. As a result, men can spend extra time with their partners in bed. Sexual performance in guys is stepped forward with the use of this impotence medication.

Benefits Of Sildigra Professional 100 mg

Treat male sexual issues with the help of Sildigra Professional 100 mg. Men who undergo impotence for lots of weeks are recommended to use this drug.

Sildenafil which is a chief thing blocks a positive enzyme in the men’s frame. Sildenafil makes the blood float nicely in and across the penile vicinity.

The active element unwinds the blood vessels as well as relaxes the penile muscles. Blood starts offevolved to grow all over the tissues of the intercourse organ which leads to an erection. Adequate blood supply makes the genital organ of a man erect. Men can get a stiff penis after they start using impotence mahagra 200 mg medicine.

The Directions For Use Are As Follows:

Ingest a tablet of Sildigra Professional in the whole shape with a simple glass of water. Do now not consume the medication with grapefruit juice. Consume the ED pill at a distinct time each day to grow the efficacy of the drug.

Have the impotence tablet for half an hour or at least an hour before you plan to get engaged in sex. To gain high-quality consequences, have the ED capsules when your stomach is empty. If you have trouble taking the tablet on an empty stomach, take it after consuming your meals.

Side Effects

It is in all likelihood to enjoy positive side outcomes after using this impotence medicinal drug.
Not every ED-affected person will revel in the identical side results.
Some commonplace aspect effects that sufferers may additionally cope with are dizziness, dissatisfied stomach, and headache.
Other aspects of consequences include face flushing and diarrhea.
Some ED guys additionally complain about experiencing chest pain and muscle pain.


ED sufferers can come upon numerous dosages of Sildigra Professional in numerous medical stores. A healthcare medical doctor tells an affected person to have his medical examination. After checking the medical file, a selected dose is prescribed to an affected person. It is the obligation of the affected person to devour the drug well and carefully.


Ingesting more than one tablet in a day can have damaging effects on your health. Hence, keep in thoughts not to use the medicine more than as soon as a day. In case you have overdosed on a pill, communicate with your medical doctor without delay.

Miss Dose

Not eating a tablet of the impotence drug can also have an effect on your erection. It is possible that you may not get an erection in case you leave out on a dose. In case you bypass a dose, take the skipped dose when you don’t forget. In a bid to make up for the neglected dose, do no longer repeat the tablets two times an afternoon.

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A Guide To Safety

Alcohol binging with ED drugs is not allowed for ED sufferers. By doing so, patients might also experience intense dizziness.

PregnancyWomen who are pregnant or about to conceive have to limit themselves from eating the impotence tablet.

BreastfeedingMothers who are breastfeeding their babies ought to stay far from ingesting the impotence pill.

DrivingOperating a car after taking the impotence drug is not allowed for ED men. Men can experience alertness troubles after the use of the powerful remedy.

Patients with liver sickness ought to refrain from having this impotence drug. Complications in the liver might also rise up after taking the ED drug.

Patients with kidney disease must stop using the impotence medicine. Kidney impairment might also come to the surface after taking the impotence tablets.

Children who are teenagers are not encouraged to apply the ED medicinal drug.

Interactions With Medicines

Men who take medicines for nitrates ought to stop using Sildigra Professional. Stop the usage of impotence medicine if you take drugs for heart, liver, or kidney problems. In case you are not securely taking Sildenafil, do not continue taking the pills.

Precautions And Warning

In case you have allergies to the compound, do not ingest the impotence pill.
Men who have low or high blood pressure or severe heart problems should not use ED drugs.
Men who’ve blood issues or leukemia must refrain from using this remedy.
Avoid ingesting the impotence drug greater than once a day. Also, avoid alcohol intake after the usage of this drug.


Storing powerful ED medicine at a positive room temperature is crucial. Keep the impotence capsules in a groovy and moist-unfastened zone.


How effective is Sildigra Professional 100 mg?

The supreme quality impotence drug is extremely useful for ED men. The powerful drug helps ED men enjoy their erections.

Can you use Sildigra Professional 100 mg every day?

ED males are advised to male patients to use this potent pill once a day. Having an extra pill a day may cause harmful reactions to health.

How To Order Online?

Order Sildigra Professional 100 mg from an eminent and reliable online chemist. Order strips of your prescribed ED pills from a trusted online pharmacy.

Who can use Sildigra Professional 100 mg?

Healthcare physicians recommend ED men use the top quality impotence drug. Men who tackle ED issues for many days should make use of this drug.


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